Hello! I am N!tesh
A Front End Developer and Foodie


These tools give me super powers to develop any front-end


I create memorable pages with HTML5/CSS3 that everyone loves


I add interactivity to your websites that justifies your need

Responsive Web Design

I make your web pages look Responsive on all devices

WordPress Themes

I develop beautiful WordPress themes. A free theme is, well, free

I also provide training on various front end technologies


Front End Developer & Foodie
I love JavaScript, it gives me super power to develop any front-end

A Front End Developer based in Bangalore, India. I am specialized in creating functional, interactive, responsive, user-friendly UI and CSS[3] based websites, developed by modular and functional code. I’ve more than 9years of experience of writing the front end code. I have expertise in developing interactive and responsive websites along with I do WordPress theme development, also run a small tech shop for CSS and JavaScript

I can help with developing any front-end needs you may have, i.e functional or responsive websites. With many years of experience in front end development, I can produce a functional and interactive displays. Every new project is approached with an attention to detail and a determination to exceed your expectations

  • HTML5/CSS3

    Clean Markup & Animations

  • JavaScript/jQuery

    Modular & Functional code

  • Responsive Web Design

    Support for all Devices

  • WordPress Themes

    Beautiful themes, Free theme

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